Many employers offer benefits to recruit, retain and reward the employees that make their organizations successful. We know the world of employee benefits can be challenging, which is why RISQ Consulting provides a variety of solutions to meet your needs – from traditional products to complex and creative systems and services.


Human Resources

At RISQ Consulting we realize the average size of Alaskan businesses don’t normally warrant having a full-time Human Resource Department or a full-time HR person. For that reason, we routinely provide HR guidance and consulting on various topics and provide all of our valued client’s access to a software solution called MyWave Connect™ at no cost to them. MyWave contains the most up-to-date library of employee communications and compliance information and is equally strong in all areas of employee benefits, employment law, human resources and compensation administration, in addition to numerous newsletters, wellness posters, workplace postings and much more! As clients of RISQ Consulting, you will also receive bi-monthly updates via email, which will keep you abreast of insurance alerts and legislative updates that may pertain to your business or organization.

For those with more complex HR needs, we can also connect you with one of our valued partners that can assist with things such as startup HR Departments, organizational development and employee relations.

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Providing employee benefits has become a hefty budget item to any employer. Nevertheless, the big investment of offering benefits can have a tremendous return in keeping your overall company’s morale and productivity levels up. We’ll help you discover the why and the how to strategically plan and build an effective benefits program by using group market evaluations, plan utilization analysis, and finding the best funding approach for your company. We want to help you realize your goals in offering benefits to your employees, and we’ll work to make sure your investment in a benefits program is aligned with these goals.

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Wellness Plans

Wellness is an important key to anyone’s life, and we know you place a significant value on the overall wellness of your employees, which is also important in controlling rising healthcare costs. In consideration of the wellness of you and your employees, we have a wide range of services and recommendations to find the best wellness program to fit the needs of your business – ranging from the implementation of a no smoking initiative all the way to a comprehensive wellness plan that has many components such as annual physicals, biometric screening events, and fitness contests. We partner with “out-of-the-box” wellness vendors to create more complex, but engaging wellness plan initiatives.

Healthcare Reform

If you’re an employer looking to offer health benefits to your employees, or you’re an employer that is not offering employee benefits, understanding how Healthcare Reform can impact your business is critical. No matter which category you fall in, RISQ Consulting has Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) certified staff to advise and answer the complicated questions behind the Affordable Care Act (ACA). From penalty modeling and risk analysis, to Federal and State regulation updates and reporting strategies, RISQ Consulting is here to help determine what exactly the ACA means to you.

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