Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Now, more than ever, privacy is of the utmost importance. At RISQ Consulting, we are dedicated to protecting your privacy with the security measures we employ and through our commitment to keep your personal information confidential. Our technology department utilizes the most current and effective products available to keep all of our database information secure. We will inform you of any changes to our privacy and security policies as they may effect your personal information. Following are some of the ways in which we collect, use, and share your personal, non-public information. may link to other websites on the internet. Content and Privacy Policies are the responsibility of their respective owners.

What Kind of Information We May Collect

RISQ Consulting coordinates and delivers insurance products and services for you or your employees.  In order to provide these products and services, we may collect non-public, personal information. The basic information we collect includes your name, address, phone number, email address, social security number, date/place of birth, age, gender, marital status, and other demographic information.  Depending on the types of products or services we are offering you,

How We Use Your Information

We use your private, non-public information to carry out actions necessary to implement and administer the insurance product or service in which you or your employees are enrolled. This may include confirming underwriting, enrollment, binding coverage, customer service, administering or servicing benefits or claims, reinsurance, participating in research projects, benefit management, and other similar activities. We also use your information to determine if you might be eligible and/or interested in other products or services that we offer.

Information Sharing & Confidentiality

RISQ Consulting respects your rights to privacy when it comes to personal, non-public information.  We do not share any information collected from you or your business with non-affiliated outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete business transactions and service your account, as described in the previous section, and as permitted or required by law.  We treat all personal, non-public information as confidential. We may disclose information collected from individuals and businesses to our affiliates or non-affiliated third parties (i.e. insurance carriers) in order to provide high quality service to you. We will ask your permission before sharing your information when it is legally necessary.